I have known Cory Bronson for 5 years.  In the past he has found great rental properties for my friends and myself.  Two years ago I decided it was time to purchase a property and I did not have to think twice about who I would want to be in charge of representing my interests.  He has great knowledge of Nuevo Vallarta and specifically, El Tigre.  He took the time to listen to what I was looking for and didn’t waste my time by showing me places that didn’t fit my needs.  He was always more concerned about me getting what I was looking for, rather than him making a sale.  He was there to help me through every step of the process, which can be challenging in Mexico!  The transaction was surprisingly smooth and painless and nothing like the horror stories I’ve heard about from friends.  He emanates a sense of trust and confidence which makes you feel very secure in, without a doubt, a very involved process.

During this process I had the pleasure of meeting Corey’s wife Tania.  She went above and beyond the call of duty by looking into an issue I had with CFE.  She also sent me a list of contractors they have used in the past, as I was remodeling the house I was purchasing.

I would recommend Corey to anyone who is looking to sell their property or to buy one.  His in depth KNOW HOW and personal and professional contacts in the business, place him in a position to take advantage of opportunities for his clients that other realtors can only dream about.  This alone sets him apart from other realtors in Nuevo Vallarta.